Customer Pre-Delivery Instructions

Customer Pre-Delivery Instructions

To take delivery of your vehicle, you will need the following:

Driver’s License – A valid U.S. Driver’s License that we will need to make copies of. If you have an international Driver’s License, it must be accompanied by a valid passport.  If the vehicle is in the names of two people, we will need a license for each.

Insurance – A valid VIN SPECIFIC insurance card or policy from the state that the vehicle will be titled in. Effective October 15, 2021 The State of Florida now requires the vehicle you are purchasing to be added to your insurance at time of delivery.  We will also need to make copies.  Your agent name and address will also have to be provided if it is not on the insurance documents.

Tags and Registration – If you are transferring a tag/current registration, you must have that tag with you at delivery. To transfer a tag, the new vehicle must be titled in all or in part as the previous vehicle was.  We can only legally issue a temporary tag if you are buying a new tag, we are registering the vehicle out of state, or if your current registration has expired or is expiring within 30 days.  Out of state tag transfers need to be accompanied by a copy of the registration.

Trades and Titles – If you are trading a vehicle, you will need to bring the title. If the title is electronic and has no lien, it is not necessary for you to get the title.  If you have lost your title, you will be charged $100 for us to apply for a duplicate.  This fee is to cover the state fee for securing a duplicate title.  All parties listed on the title need to sign the title.  If it is a Florida title with an “or” designation, only one individual will have to sign the title.  If it is an out of state title, all parties listed will have to sign the title.  The owner of the traded vehicle always has to sign the trade paperwork, even if they are not listed on the new vehicle.  If your vehicle has a payoff, you will be required to provide your Social Security number or loan or lease account number so we can obtain the proper payoff information.  Dealer payoffs and mailing addresses almost always vary from customer payoffs and mailing addresses so we will not be able to use customer provided payoffs.  Please bring all keys, remotes, and manuals to your trades or lease returns when picking up your new vehicle.

Payment – The most convenient way to pay for your vehicle through our company is by financing or leasing through one of our approved lenders. To apply for financing or a lease, please go to complete the application or apply in person with your sales representative.  If the vehicle transaction is being done in two names, a joint application or separate applications need to be submitted.  The application must always be completed by the applicant(s).

Other payment methods and their individual requirements are as follows:

Cash – we accept cash but would always recommend that you never carry too much with you.  There may be other fees associated with purchases made with cash.  See Sales Executive for details.

Credit Carda maximum of $3,000 can be applied to a credit card and the name on the credit card must match that of the purchaser.

Personal Check or Company Check – our company accepts personal or company checks.  The check submitted must match the titling name and address of the new vehicle as well as the purchaser’s license.  A company check must match the information on  This means we will not accept a check from “Jane Doe” for a vehicle titled to “Bill Smith” nor will we accept a check from “ABC Company” for a vehicle titled to “Bill Smith”.   Company checks are only accepted when the purchaser is also an officer of the company.

We will not accept new account checks, checks from investment accounts or any check that does not have a name or address on it.

We do not accept checks over $100,000.

We use a check verification system that checks against account history, account status, account balance and other factors.  If the verification system does not accept the check, we do not have the ability to override the system and your delivery may be delayed.  Checks should be avoided when possible and you must make sure the funds are available well in advance.  For example, if you need to transfer funds to the account, please make sure the funds have cleared and are deposited in the account prior to delivery.   There may be other fees associated with purchases made with cash.  See Sales Executive for details.

Cashier’s Checks – the cashier’s check must be funds from the Purchaser’s account and a photocopy of the check should be provided prior to delivery for verification. There may be other fees associated with purchases made with cash.  See Sales Executive for details.

Wire Transfers – are a preferential form of payment that can be arranged by your bank and wired to our bank through instructions provided by our management staff.  Wires must also be remitted from the Purchaser’s account and must match the titling name, which means the wire should come from “Bill Smith” if the vehicle is to be titled to “Bill Smith”.  Wires cannot be verified immediately, allow a minimum of 24 hours for receipt of funds to be confirmed. There may be other fees associated with purchases made with cash.  See Sales Executive for details.

Outside Liens and Drafts – We do not accept outside liens and drafts except with management approval.  We will not accept lien information or drafts from every lender.  We do not accept outside liens from out of state financial institutions.  All outside liens or drafts should be provided in advance of delivery during working hours of the lender for verification and viability of acceptance.  All liens and drafts have limitations and stipulations, including the total amount of approval, that need to be reviewed while the lender is open.    All liens and drafts that are accepted will require the presence of all parties listed on the lien or draft at delivery. Example: If the draft is in the husbands and wife’s name, then both need to be here for delivery. There may be other fees associated with purchases made with outside liens or drafts.  See Sales Executive for details.

All funds must come from the Purchaser and payable from a US based account.

Every situation that occurs may not be covered in these instructions.  Please ask your Sales Executive to introduce you to a Finance Manager for any clarification necessary.