Auto Repair Shop vs. Collision Center: What's the Difference?

Driver Making Phone Call After Accident

Most drivers hope they’ll never be in the need of a Brooksville collision center. But if your car does get damaged in an accident, which kind of shop would you need, an auto repair shop or collision center? What is an auto body shop? What is an auto repair shop, for that matter? What’s the difference between an auto repair shop and a collision center? The staff at our fully equipped service center want to keep you informed, so we’ve put together the auto repair shop vs. auto body shop comparison below.

Auto Repair Shop vs. Auto Body Shop – Structural Repairs

What’s the difference between a “collision center” and an “auto body shop”? Those terms are actually interchangeable. Well, then, what is an auto body shop? An auto body shop specializes in repairing damage to the body of a car or windshield, usually caused by an accident, but can also repair some damage caused by rust or age. This is the main difference between an auto repair shop and collision center. So, in the event of an accident, you would take your car to a Brooksville collision center, like the one at Buick GMC Brooksville. Here are some services performed by an auto body shop.

What Does an Auto Body Shop Do?

  • Repairs damage to fenders, bumpers, glass, side walls, frame, and other parts of the car’s structure
  • Repairs rust damage
  • Repaints body damage
  • Replaces windshield and windows

Auto Repair Shop vs. Auto Body Shop – Mechanical Repairs

Nearly every Inverness driver has had to visit an auto repair shop, if only for routine auto maintenance. So, what is an auto repair shop specifically? An auto repair shop fixes mechanical problems that can go wrong with an automobile. This kind of shop can also take care of things like tire rotations and tune ups. So, if you find yourself broken down along the road somewhere in Spring Hill or are in need of an oil change, you will need an auto repair shop. But, again, the main difference between an auto repair shop and collision center is that an auto repair center does not fix damage to the body of a vehicle caused by an accident. Our service center offers the services listed below:

What Does an Auto Repair Shop Do?

  • Does oil changes
  • Does auto detailing
  • Replaces, balances, and aligns tires and wheels
  • Replaces brakes
  • Replaces batteries
  • Handles GM recalls
  • Repairs engine repairs, major and minor
  • And more!

Schedule Your Auto Repair or Collision Work at Buick GMC Brooksville

Bring your car in to us whether you need an auto repair shop or a Brooksville collision center. Our full-service automotive service center handles all kinds of repairs, both mechanical and structural. We can also perform the maintenance on your vehicle. And, if you’d like to learn more, check out our other parts and service tips. We’re right down the road from Hernando Beach and ready to help. So, drop by or contact us today!


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